fredag, mars 27, 2015

Nails nails nails

A cople of weekends ago, Mr Ms nephew and niece called, and we came! 

Mr M also wanted colorful nails

A visit to the playground, nap in the stroller and relax infront of a mive (and a lot of play with cars, blocks and so on) was on the menu!

Mid play, I heard Mr M say  “you want nails polish? You know what, J can help you”..
Said and done – nails were painted and after a shooort time to let it dry, the play continued:)

Later on that day I found the lovely child in the bathroom sink.. Well, only the hands and a whole bunch of foam.. The nail polish was to be washed away.

I don´t want to use acetone or another strong nail polish remover on those small hands, so I explained that it will come off by itself after a while (and will look like my nails did at the moment), and that it eventually will come of completely..

Maybe someone (you?) has tips on what to use or do instead? What is the most healthiest to use for the skin?

Also, I´ve updated "Nails" - so go check it out! (I don´t always write when updating, so don´t forget to go here sometimes anyway)

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