lördag, oktober 31, 2015


Put on your makeup, scary clothing, wierd hat and fake blood! Then go somewhere to Trick or Treat!

In Stockholm, there is a parade going on later this afternoon! If you´re dressed - come join in the parade. If not - come and watch us!
All of us can have some candy (corn?), and i hope there´ll be some wierd looking drinks as well;)

Need oufit inspiration? Go to my Instagram account for some pics!

See you later!

söndag, oktober 25, 2015

World singing day!

World singing day - October 24, so yesterday from where I am!

It´s just as it sounds - sing sing sing! And make the world come together!

Cheesy or beautiful?... Music brings joy - so why not beauty?

Click here to go to the Facebook page to listen to people sing their message to the world,
or here to se and hear the choir me and Mr. M sings in!