This is a blog with the purpose to gather plenty of good things at one place and the same place, this is where you can browse from this and that and find what you like the best!

To come up with the name, Plenty good things, I had to think a lot. When I came up with a name I hit a block, I noticed that someone else was using it for another blog or Facebook page, etc.
I returned to my notes and tried to put together a name that could reflect my wishes for this blog, a little bit of this and a little bit of that of good things in the everyday life.
Finally, the name I came up with wasn’t taken Anywhere! I had found my long lost name: Plenty good things! The blog was now created!

Eventually, I will fill this blog with various hints and tips, patterns for various things, reviews and both much and little of plenty good things.

For now you can read about:

Nails and nail beauty
Medieval clothing,
both inspired and historically correct. For the moment this part is really slow though.
Recipes for food and baking 

My hope with this blog is to inspire and to be inspired by the things I post and the comments I hope to get.
I want to share lovely patterns, designs, tips and tricks with you!

The idea is that the blog, eventually, will be extended with patterns I make myself and possibly some other odds and ends that makes every day extra fun!

You can also find me at other places:


Facebook - Still under the making, but now it´s there!

Browse, see what you can find and please leave a comment about your thoughts and tricks ;)

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